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    Ross Sanner has worked in a Business Development role at a Fortune 100 company, transitioned into the Education sector culminating in his work with the Orme School in Arizona, and has most recently focused his professional career in consulting.


    Ross's career in consulting opened the door to working with many companies within the tech industry, an area he was eager to learn more about. He was drawn to the idea of serving as a sounding board; being the fresh set of eyes that teams come to for feedback. As a consultant, Ross was able to make teams more sustainable and found working in a vertical a positive and enjoyable experience.

    Ross currently serves as Associate Head of School at the Orme School of Arizona. He brings a business-driven perspective to everything he does, something that is much-needed in the education industry. Ross maintains a focus on sustainability and profits while continuing to pursue the things he is most passionate about. He has also founded his own company, Think Growth Consulting, LLC.


    Ross Sanner currently lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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    Professional Overview
    Ross Sanner's central website, featuring information about his career, contact information, and a detailed biography about his recent experiences.
    Philanthropy Blog
    Ross Sanner discusses his love of philanthropy as well as the things that organizations and individuals can do to improve their capacity to give back.
    Outdoors Blog
    Ross Sanner talks about his love of the outdoors. Nature has always been a large part of Ross's life, and whether through hiking, fishing, or camping, he loves to get out and enjoy it with family.
    Entrepreneurship Interview
    Ross Sanner speaks to IdeaMensch, an online community for entrepreneurs, about his business practices, inspirations, and career path.
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